Looking to get in shape for summer? Come down to The Fitness Academy and try out our kickboxing and boot camp style strength and conditioning classes.  We're now offering free one week trials to the first 10 people that contact us through this page.  

Strength and Conditioning

Class Length: 50-60 minutes

Description:  Come get yourself in amazing shape and keep your body guessing in this innovative group functional fitness circuit including plyometrics, core and resistance, and cardiovascular training.

*Great for all fitness levels, no experience necessary.


Class length: 60-90 minutes

Description:  Learn some of the fundamentals of kickboxing while getting a great cardio workout. Kickboxing is a fantastic way to improve strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination while having a great time.

*Great for all fitness levels, boxing gloves supplied or available to purchase , no experience necessary, all levels welcome. 

Send us a short message letting us know if you're interested in strength and conditioning, kickboxing, or both, and we'll reserve your free week trial!

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We are located at 516 William St, Victoria BC