The Fitness Academy is a place for people of all fitness levels to come and enjoy the process of getting in shape.  We don't believe in cookie cutter gym routines where people just go through the motions.  We offer a place to come and push yourself in a group setting while joining our dynamic and innovative training system.

Our Team


David puhky

Meet Dave Puhky Co-Owner of the The Fitness Academy.  Dave is what you call "Obsessed" with Training, Fitness and Martial Arts. Dave started working out at 15 and played Junior Hockey when he was a Teenager, and began Training Mixed martial arts 9 years Ago in 2007. He has Competed In MMA and won Multiple Grappling Tournaments in Canada and has spent time training and competing in Thailand as a member of the AKA Thailand fight team. Eat, Train, Sleep, Repeat as the saying goes!



Graham Spencer

Meet Graham Spencer, Co-owner of the The Fitness Academy.  Graham has years of hard work competing as a professional athlete in mixed martial arts, and has excelled at a high level of Competition. Graham holds multiple titles in MMA with an impressive 10-1 Pro record.  Graham has spent multiple training camps with Team Alpha Male, one of the top MMA teams in the world. He has recently been the first athlete inducted into the Battlefield Fight League Hall of Fame.